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Devil Girl choco bar - Robert Crumb

This wrapper is a work of art created by R. Crumb that was sold in theaters and some goodies shops when the "Crumb" documentary made its run around 1994. As I recall, the chocolate was pretty good, and how can you beat this wrapper? I still keep 2 bars!


Prisamata said...

never dared to eat it!

fio said...

you should have to! they are deadlicic...uh, sorry, delicious!

License Farm said...

Just one point of contention: I'm pretty sure the Crumb documentary came out in 1994, not '84. I met Bob & Aline's daughter Sophie a few years back, who is now doing comics of her own which are a strange melding of both her parents' styles. Interestingly, since she's spent much of her life in France she has something of a French accent to her English.

filo said...

yes ken, you're right! it's '94...