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Les zombis - Henri Vernes

Ou le secret des morts-vivants. Charles Henri Dewisme (Henri Vernes). Bilan du mystère. 2. Grasset. 1957.


Encyclopedia of the living dead - Ito Yoshibazu

Over 360 films reviewed ! The ultimate walking dead guys bible ! In japanese....but cool b&w photos. Yosensha. 2007. Thx Ayumi !


Zombie Walk in Paris

Walk or die !


Zombie attacks over Deadlicious !

Filo Loco y King Santo contra el Zombie from filo loco on Vimeo.

Our first clip starring Pascal Benoit as The Zombie ! With Filo Loco, King Santo, rémy, Johnny... Directed by Julien Bachelet. Zombie creation by Pascal Benoit. Music by Lost Acapulco !


Zombie - The living dead

Rose London. Bounty Books, New York, 1976.


Zombie at home

Our mate Pascal during the making of our clip. Soon online !


Zombie Beach Party

Strangely named "Zombie King and the Legion of Doom" in France, this 2003 movie by canadian Stacey Case is a must for all masked wrestlers, undead guys, tattoed chicks and illogic story lovers! Ton of gore, nice aesthetic... quick view but pure entertainment! Je tiens ici à remercier ma belle soeur Fred, toujours à la pointe en ce qui concerne ce genre de trucs et qui m'a fait découvrir ce nanar. Et comme elle ne bite rien en Anglais, je me fais un plaisir de la saluer en Français. Ca, c'est fait!


Night of the Living Dead - Gum cards

From a set of 67 cards, published in 1988 for the 20th movie anniversary... And what about the 40th ?!